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The Face of New Media

New Media is a rapidly changing–and expanding–world. It includes not only the now traditional web site, but the exciting world of Social Media, Online Advertising, Research, Intelligence, and much more. All of this has to be delivered to a range of devices, such the exploding Smartphone and Tablet device markets.

Your need to address that market is why we’re here. 3Media is an online “new media” marketing and consulting company. We provide marketing services that focus on branding, brand management, advocacy, messaging, information and intelligence research for political and corporate clients using the social media as well as other online means. 3Media also partners with corporate and political communications departments and other media companies to help run online grassroots and grasstop outreach, pushback, advocacy and messaging campaigns.

Research and Analysis

Corporations and political organizations must have good intelligence to function successfully in today’s New Media world. 3Media understands that actionable intelligence is gold.  We provide the research and analysis to develop the level of intelligence necessary to meet and exceed those needs.  Whether it’s general research, topic specific, issue-oriented or opposition research, 3Media is your source.  3Media can also provide analysis of the developed intelligence to better interpret the importance and relevance to your organization.  With 3Media’s customized intelligence summaries, your organization is better prepared to confidently meet the challenges of your field.

Information Production

Information is the lifeblood of any organization.  Useful  information comes from detailed research delivered in a timely manner.  3Media produces the vital information your organization needs from multiple sources. It’s then edited into useable form and presented in easy-to-read, customized, daily or weekly digests.  A better informed organization is an organization with an edge on the competition.  3Media provides that edge.

New Media Messaging

Grassroots, grasstops, political and corporate outreach, issue advocacy, and pushback messaging are all means by which 3Media can deliver the desired message to New Media target audiences. You no longer have to watch helplessly as your organization’s reputation is tarnished online. Nor do you have to just hope that the positive message you want delivered makes it into the mainstream. 3Media’s 30 years of collective experience in the online community ensures that the message flow will be positive and successful. 3Media also addresses negative messaging swiftly and powerfully to protect your brand.

On-line Technology

3Media’s online technology provides your organization with the tools it needs for a positive New Media presence. Custom websites, blogs, online video, audio, combined with SEO, online advertising, messaging, and Internet marketing builds a powerful presence for your brand. 3Media’s capabilities include all the online technological tools you will find necessary to do exactly that.

Political and Corporate Internet Marketing

Marketing you or your business in the New Media is something 3Media does well. From designing a marketing campaign to deploying all the tools necessary to make it successful, 3Media is your source. Email blasts, social networks, key word search, online display, rich media display, online video, search engine optimization and blogging can all be combined to give your New Media campaign a synergy that creates a powerful presence for your brand.

3Media Partnering

Many times ambitious New Media campaign strategies fall short of expectations. One of the primary reasons are staff shortages and time constraints. Partnering with 3Media solves those problems. 3Media provides qualified “plug-and-play” professionals that can be used wherever you need them most. Partner with 3Media for short and long duration projects, new projects or campaign segments such as outreach, opposition research, or pushback messaging to ensure your next New Media campaign is a success.